Privacy Policy

Panda Sweets is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and will never disclose any personal information except for the purposes of your processing orders. We will do all we can to maintain your privacy.

  1. The Information that we collect

1.1. All personal information that is collected on the website and via the purchasing process is only used by us to ensure that we can process and deliver your order.
1.2. We collate statistics about website traffic, sales and other relevant information, we use this information to improve the services that we offer. None of this information identifies individuals.
1.3. We my use the information that we have about your shopping habits to offer you products that are likely to interest you.
1.4. You may opt out of the various uses of your personal information at any time, even if you have previously given us your consent to use it.

  1. Communication

2.1. By registering on the Panda Sweets website or making a purchase from us you consent to receive communication in relation to your order.

  1. Cookies

3.1. Cookies are small data files that are temporarily stored on your computer. These cookies enable us to track your shopping experience, save the contents of your shopping cart and gather valuable information on the use of our website. This allows us to constantly improve our service to you.
3.2. Cookies cannot harm your computer and do not contain any personal or private information.
3.3. Our website uses a number of cookies to provide you with a personalised shopping experience while providing the highest level of security.
3.4. In order to shop on our website your computer must be set up to receive cookies.
3.5. The cookies on our website may allow us to display our advertisements on other websites, such as Google.

  1. Security Policy

4.1. We take the security of your personal information very seriously.
4.2. Our security policies are specifically designed to protect your personal details and keep them under our control.
4.3. All personal information that we have collected from you is stored on a secure web server.
4.4. Although we make every effort to protect your personal information, as is the case with all computer networks linked to the internet, we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of your personal information.
4.5. All email correspondence is not a secure means of communication; therefore, we will never contact you by email to ask you to send or confirm any of your personal details.
4.6. When creating a password for the website is it recommended that you use a combination of letters and numbers. Do no use obvious personal details, such as the names of children or pets.
4.7. Always keep your password private and never disclose it to anybody.
4.8. Do not use the same password for multiple online accounts.
4.9. If using a public computer it is recommended that you log out fully and close the browser.

  1. User Access

5.1. Username and passwords are provided to you the customer. Your username and password allows you to access information that we hold about you.
5.2. You are able to access your account at any time using your username and password.
5.3. If you would like to update, amend or delete any of your details you can do this via your online account.

  1. Consent

6.1. By using the website you consent to the collection and use of data by us in the methods outlined above.

  1. Data Protection Act 1998

7.1. You have the right to access the personal data that we hold on you. If you would like to see a copy of the personal information that we hold about you please send a written request along with a cheque for £10.00 to:

The Data Administrator
iApple Ltd.
Unit 51 Clayhill Light Industrial Estate
CH64 3UG