Welcome to Panda Sweets – The traditional sweet shop with an amazing selection of retro sweets, all hand-picked by our resident expert, Peanut the Panda.

We have them all: boiled sweets, jelly sweets, sherbet, marshmallow, toffee, fudge, liquorice and everything in between, with over 500 varieties of sweets in stock at our UK warehouse you’re sure to find your childhood favourite.

We design and produce our own selection of sweet gifts all brimming with your favourite sweets and treats that look just as good as they taste, our range includes our Sweet Boxes, Traditional Sweet Jars, Cubes and of course Retro Sweet Hampers.  Our sweets and gifts make excellent gifts for any occasion or event, such as birthdays, weddings, corporate gifts or Christmas.

Ordering is easy, simply pay with your credit or debit card and have sweets quickly delivered to your door.  Our sweets and gifts are very competitively priced and with free delivery for all orders over £40 your can get all of your favourites in one go!